Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cancer Causes: The Full List | StrongerThanCancer

Cancer Causes: The Full List | StrongerThanCancer

Not that much new here. Just data presented in another way. We all know the lifestyle factors.

But there's a lot that it doesn't specifically track. For example, it doesn't seem to track the toxins in our environment.

They evidently track what the organization wants to track, and they sift the patients into categories.

But what if your cause was something they weren't tracking? They listed 'meat' as a category, but is it ANY meat, or is the the hormone and antibiotic injected meat? Is it red meat or poultry? Is dairy included here because it contains animal protein, or is it simply 'flesh'.

And fruits and vegetables are listed as a risk?

I think it's very scary when you have people plug random data into spreadsheets. In the end, you have less information than you started with, or rather, mis-leading information.

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