Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vitality in a Blender

I have not done any of the Green Smoothie retreats, but after recovering from aggressive cancer treatments, I was inspired by the book Green for Life
 - a year after radiation I was still overwhelmed with fatigue, and green smoothies were the ONLY thing that brought my energy back.  Now I feel younger than I did years before the cancer hit.

But in an article about green smoothies and diabetes: About Diabetes and the Power of Observation - the issue of 'taste' comes up - how taste evolves after drinking green smoothies (ie. tasting natural sugars)  - something I observed in myself, although I always liked the taste of the green smoothies, was that I began to taste more of the other foods I ate.

This made staying with a healthy diet easy, because my taste buds were so sensitive, it helped in two ways: 1) the subtle differences in fruits, veggies, nuts, rice all were wonderful to me - such delightful tastes in nature - who needs a candy bar?  and 2) junk food tasted like greasy petroleum - it tastes really gross to me now.

There is something in the green smoothie - maybe many things happening.  As you cleanse your body, it just works better.  As your body gets the nutrients it needs, you can trust your cravings.

But something about the green smoothies is vital to health, in ways I never got before, regardless of how careful I was about my diet.

They are so easy to prepare.  It's a great way to make sure you get your raw fruits and veggies in your diet.  If you haven't tried green smoothies yet, do it.

It's better than any nutrition pill or energy drink.

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